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Forestry management

Measures Begin With Maintenance

Lands, forests in our beautiful Alberta are very often thick due to overgrown bushes, brushes and dead trees. Those become a ground for major fire hazard risk potential. Canadians are urged to be mindful of both advantages and risks of living in such splendor area. Forestry maintenance is the first step towards safety of your family, home, ecosystem and wildlife habitation. TKMS has invested in light forestry equipment in order to deliver this specialty service to Bragg Creek and other surrounding communities.

Our teams are experienced, educated and trained in forestry management and available to meet with you to discuss options for your future project.

Brush, Dead Trees and Shrubs Cleaning

Brush cleaning is the removal of overgrown dead trees, bushes and shrubs in a forest area. Oftentimes unused portions of a property can become overgrown and create fire hazards close to homes. Hiring professionals for brush clearing is always recommended. TKMS carries proper sized equipment for this type of forestry work. 

Trusting professionals with the right equipment to complete the task safely and efficiently will leave your property clean and safe.

brush clearing

assessing & cleaning your forest

Every project is unique in our area. At TKMS we believe that it is important to have the property inspected and assessed prior to doing any cleaning and tree removal in your forest. Moving large quantities of brushes, dead trees, old stacked wood and/or shrubs requires special equipment that provides care for the well being of the forest ground. 

The selection process, prior to thinning the overly dense forest is an important step that requires a thorough evaluation with a trained forestry professional. Overcrowded woodlands can limit the growth of specimen trees. Brush cleaning allows for greater use of the land. It is also important to remember that in some cases a permit may be required from your local town authority, even if the land is yours. 

Top Advantages of Forestry Cleaning