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Stump Grinding and Removal

After a tree has been cut down and the tree removal has been completed, it is a common misconception that the hardest task is completed. The remaining stump requires labor intensive work and proper machinery to be removed properly, especially when dealing with a very large stump.

Keep your yard safe from tripping hazards & looking clean by having stumps professionally removed.

If performed incorrectly, stump grinding can cause damage to adjacent tress and root systems. Our certified arborists will evaluate the location of the stumps and large surrounding roots for safe removal.

Our Stump Grinding Service

Stump grinding is normally performed to a specific depth, usually 25 to 30cm (10-12 inches) below grade. Once the tree and stump grinding is completed, the wood chips can either be cleaned up and taken away or put to good use on your property as mulch for your garden.

As part of our stump grinding estimate package, a Rocky View Services Division technician will evaluate the location of your tree with respect to nearby plants and property. This, coupled with the knowledge of local policy, is used in recommending the depth and extent (distance from the trunk) of grinding necessary.

our stump grinding service is fast and effective and will get your landscaping back into pristine condition in no time.

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Benefits of Stump Grinding

Improve Curb Appeal & Regain Space

Tree stumps make a yard look neglected. Stump grinding can:

Avoid Accidents & Inconvenience

While a tree stump might not seem dangerous, it can be a major tripping hazard for anyone on your property. This is especially an issue with senior citizens and small children. Damaging a lawn mower blade on a root or stump can result in costly damage. 

Removing Potential for Disease & Pests

Tree stumps make perfect homes for insects. Not having stumps grinded down gives insects a perfect home to multiply and become a problem to other trees on your property. Stumps left behind from trees that died from a disease could spread airborne diseases to other healthy nearby trees.

Stop Stump Sprouting

With certain species of trees, stumps that are left behind can quickly begin to sprout and regrow. This regrowth eventually will have to be addressed with another tree removal.